Buying MapleStory Mesos at Discounted Rates

MapleStory is a free to play 2D MMORPG that is developed by Wizet, a South Korean company. There are many versions of the game available which are specific to every region and each of them is published by different companies. Although one could play the game for free, some characters appearances and enhancements for the gameplay need to be purchased from the Cash Shop for real money.


Players in the game travel the Maple World and defeat monsters while also developing the skills of their character and other abilities. There are ways to interact with other players such as chatting, trading or playing minigames. Players can also group together and form parties which go on a hunt for monsters and the rewards are shared between the members of the party.

Like most fantasy genre MMORPG’s the gameplay involves going into dungeons to combat monsters in real time. Players are required to combat monsters while also finishing quests successfully. Upon successful completion, players receive the in-game currency known as ‘Mesos’ along with experience points and many other items.


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