Magic: The Gathering – The Ultimate Card Game

If you are into games of strategy where players are tested to their limits, Magic – The Gathering is most definitely for you. The game was created in 1993, and by 2015 the game had approximately 20 million players worldwide. Such is its popularity that you are likely to know at least one player, and in the 25 years the game has been in existence, it has been constantly developing.

The Characters

Magic: The Gathering card gameuses wizards, called Planeswalkers, who battle against each other and employ tactics like casting spells, controlling artifacts and monsters in order to defeat their opponents. The game can be played with two or more players in various formats that include face to face over a table, or the Internet based version, which allows a player to battle against opponents from all corners of the world. The face to face version would use a set of printed cards, while the online version has a set of virtual cards.

Expansion Sets

Magic: The gathering card games have many expansion sets that have been released over the two decades the game has been on the market, at an average of four expansions per year, which helps to maintain a high interest for the players. Today, there are organised global tournaments, and with a worldwide community of professional players, Magic: The Gathering has surpassed the developer’s wildest dreams, and certain magic cards are worth a fortune, due to their rarity.


Each Magic player has their own deck of cards, either one that has been constructed or made up from a pool of cards from the players involved, with each player starting with 20 life points, and when a player has zero life points, he or she is out of the game. The players begin the game by each shuffling their deck of cards and drawing 7 cards, which consist of two main types – spells and lands – with lands cards that give the player ‘mana” or energy, which is used to power the spells they cast. Players can only play one “land’ per turn, and as the game progresses, more mana is available and therefore more powerful spells can be used in a bid to destroy your enemies. There are two main categories to playing the game, which are “constructed” or “limited” and here is a brief overview of both.

Constructed Tournaments

In the constructed version, each player has a pre-built deck with a minimum of 60 cards, which must follow the set of rules determining the make-up of the deck.

Limited Tournaments

In limited tournaments, the player must have at least 40 cards, and unused cards can be kept in a “sideboard” and the unused cards can be freely exchanged, as long as there are always 40 or more cards in their deck.

The sheer numbers of serious players is a reflection of just how popular this game is, and whether you’re playing it at home with a friend, or in an online tournament, Magic: The Gathering is an exciting game of strategy.